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Need to Know

What materials do you use?

95% or more of all items are made in some part from repurposed materials. Most items are crafted from genuine rescue leather but occasionally I am inspired by the exceptional piece of cloth. The "Re-Knits" or Sweater items are of course various cloth blends and knits.

Where do you get your leather?

For nearly a decade I have been up-cycling leather from various sources. Over time I have developed a wonderful network of other green minded individuals. That means the gloriously supple Italian leather couch that was deemed a throw-away due the cat-scratched arms, makes it's way to me instead of the dump. The gorgeous baby blue lamb skin coat with the terribly outdated 1970's double stitched butterfly collar gets intercepted in route to the trash bin.  The hide that the boot factory rejected because of random small holes get a second chance at being beautiful and useful again. I simply cut away the damage, clean and re-envision it.

Why Up-Cycle?

By utilizing rescued materials I feel I am doing my small part not only to keep those items out of the landfills but to awaken a desire in others to discover uses for items rather than tossing them away.  Repurposing also allows me to provide a truly unique item created from quality materials that may have otherwise been unattainable or cost prohibitive.

What kind of boning do you use in your corsets?

All Corsets and Cinchers are crafted with real steel, flat but mildly flexible. Because I designed my corsets by mimicking a back brace with a flat Tudor style front, seeking support as much as a flattering silhouette I chose to source and use a type of steel that could accomplish both. All boning is not only cut to match each individual design but also specially wrapped in a way that prevents moisture from causing any rust effects.

Do you offer repair service or alterations?

I stand behind my work. If you find a fault in the assembly, I will fix it or replace it.  Most damage not directly resulting from product failure can be repaired.  All repair costs will be based on time and difficulty. Alterations are available in most cases for most items.

Isn't the leather extra hot?

Not at all! A leather coat is only warm because it is a great wind break that has been lined to keep the body heat in. I do not line my corsets unless specifically requested to do so, not just because it makes them easier to care for but it also allows them to "breath". In my experience, a satin corset is far warmer because so many layers must be used to support the boning structure.

Isn't the leather hard to care for?

On the contrary! Because I do not line my leather corsets unless it is specifically requested, their care is as easy as wiping them down once or twice a year with your favorite brand of Mink Oil or Neatsfoot Oil (My Wench Rub is an excellent choice). What if I get rained on? Well so do cows.  Simply hang the item in a cool, well ventilated place until dry and then re-oil.

How does lay-a-way and custom order deposit work?

For completed product displayed on the site, lay-a-way os available with 50% down and 30 days to pay off the balance. 

For custom items, crafted to your own specifications, 50% down and the balance within 7 days of submission of photos verifying the item has been completed. 

In either case the deposits will not be refunded should you fail to pay them off by the due date agreed upon and set. 

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